North Lao

Along with our partner, the NGO Peuples et Montagnes du Mekong from Saint-Etienne in France, we meet ethnic populations living in North West of Laos, in Oudomxay region.



PEMM NGO has been working for many years with remote communities in mountains, between Thailand and China’sborders, to enhance health care access and training courses for health staff in the area.

Suffering from a sore lack of drinking water access, they called upon us to go on the field, to analyze together the situationand find the best solution for a secure and long-term drinking water access.

During 10 days, we travelled in Laotian overland to meet Khamu, Akha and Mong ethnies, to understand their way of life and analyze the water sources they are used to drink.

Eight villages, nine dispensaries and one hospital welcomed us to report on the situation.

The final statement is scary : more than 150 cases of severe diarrheas per month due to Typhoid in the dispensaries we visited, in particular within children under 5 years old’s population. We also diagnosed Arsenic and Ammonium contaminations induced by crop protection products in rice field.

We have decided to act urgently, in 2019, in two villages and two dispensaries in order to secure water used by the villagers to drink .

Solutions will be installed in 2020 for other communities and new fact-finding missions will be organize to extend our intervention zone.