Khaled Al Mezayen

President and Founder 

I am half Syrian and half Romanian, with a ‘French Touch’. I like to say that I am truly international.

As a Doctor in industrial pharmacy, I graduated from the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse and from the ESC of Toulouse with a Master in Management of Health Industries. Then I naturally headed toward international business development.

Following a humanitarian mission in a country that is dear to me (Syria), I came home with a fixed idea : find a useful mission. Indeed, one of the main causes of child mortality in the world, and more particularly in conflict zones or remote areas, is the absence of clean water sources to ensure sustainable supply of drinkable water.

That’s why I created in 2013 a company in Romania and developed the SOWAT project, which gained international recognition.

Based on this experience, I decided to deepen my vision and created INOVAYA® in order to offer a comprehensive solution to the problem of water in remote areas.

Strength: diplomat

Weakness: flowing like a draft

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Guillaume Lonchamp

CFO & Founder

Admitted in a local hospital in Yaoundé, Cameroon, after filthy water consumption, I suddenly realized what is at stake when it comes to water. I perfectly recovered thanks to a proper treatment but way too many are not that lucky.

INOVAYA has been the dreamed opportunity to place my skills at the service of achieving this noble cause. My studies in several Anglo-Saxon countries and three years spent in Romania gave me a great cultural awareness (open to interpretation…).

Being employed in a large corporation, I measured how important procedures are. But do not get me wrong, that is good somewhat… (to be consumed with moderation, though). Now you can easily understand that I am the bad cop in here. It has to be someone… it is me…

Strength: Calm under (almost) any circumstances

Weaknesses: My 8 hours of daily sleep

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Olivier Boudau

Field technician  

Born in Paris, I moved near Toulouse at the age of 4. Living among paratroopers, I quickly wanted to join the army. I enlisted in the land force and specialized in water management. Passionate about this issue, vital for our planet, I got involved in many mission on the field: Reunion Island, Ex Yougoslavia, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Ouganda, Lebanon, Mali.

I understood the interest of improving my knowledge on the subject. This is why I became responsible of the water treatment unit and water process, EDCH trainer (Water for human consumption) of my regiment and responsible for technical and control operations of field intervention.

Willing to work outside of the army sector, INOVAYA gave me the opportunity to accomplish a personal challenge for a new part of my career.

Strong point: Determination and open-minded

Weak point: Timidity

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Justine Vidil

International development – project manager & founder

Born in the “cheese region” (Savoie), I have traveled around the world with my backpack and settled down in Vietnam and Romania before heading back to France. I graduated with a Master’s degree in private international law and economic cooperation and I quickly oriented myself toward international business development via different job positions.

Involved in many community projects, I wished to find a meaning in my job and the perfect opportunity came up with INOVAYA®.

Strength: persistence

Weakness: cherries


Vietnam Huynh

Project Engineer

Pure product “Made in France”, I was born not far from a place where a precious potable liquid called Chartreuse is produced. Known for my devastating humour, people only remember my name and this famous question : “Is it your real name ?”
People said that since that day, my papers never leave me and are the proof that my parents were conscious when they registered my name.
As a Mechanical Engineer, I started my career in the world of hydro-electricity, move to solar power and continue in nuclear power. This experiences permit me to gain the strong foundations needed for my job but more importantly, to question myself on the meaning of the projects I managed and on what is important for me. That is why I joined INOVAYA®, in order to make things change and to value a precious and rare resource : Water.

Strength: pragmatism, cooking

Weakness: house cleaning


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Charlène Roulle-Oberti

Drinking water project officer

As a project manager and fundraiser, I am used to working in iterative and adaptative ways (Agile). Both in my personal and professional lives, I try to practice the idea that it is better to stay in attention than to be in intention : I am interested in people and their interactions, and I would rather adapt to change than follow a preconceived plan without any doubts.

10 years ago I graduated from Lyon’s Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Master II), and as I was determined to give my professional commitment a human turn, I spent the first part of my career as an executive manager in a community association.

Joining Inovaya’s team will allow me to continue being involved in a flexible environment, likely to give me a large capacity to act. This new development provides the ideal framework to help me use my skills to improve both care and living conditions in isolated places over the world.


Strong points : my good capacity to put oil in the wheels, my strength of conviction

Weak point : A tendency to indulge in good meals with friends.


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