Social impact
Find a meaning in our work and have an ethical consciousness : these are the two mantras which have influenced our business strategy.
Constant innovation enables the development of solutions to face the global issues of today and tomorrow. Access to water is in the 21st century, a major geostrategic concern which needs innovation and researchers to identify solutions.

Reduction of the environmental impact

Providing drinking water with one UNYO ® means :

  • 170 kg less plastic bottle per person each year
  • A carbon footprint of 1208,9kg of CO2 saved per year per person
Efficient solutions for a sustainable development

Our UNYO ® is part of the 1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way of the Solar Impulse Foundation.
Our system has been selected by the external pool of expert and has obtained the Efficient Solution Label.
We are proud of this selection, guarantee of quality for all those who seek to implement clean solutions so that finally, access to drinking water in the world is no longer an option but a right!

Liters of drinking water delivered
People have access to drinking water