Our activity

In 2017, UNICEF estimated that 1.2 billion people in the world lack secured access to drinkable water.
Our team is developing innovations to facilitate and secure the drinking water supply for communities composed of 500 to 20,000 inhabitants. We mainly work with international organizations, public authorities, NGOs, and non-profit organizations related to emergency or development aid situations.

Developing solutions in partnership with field actors

It is important for us to develop solutions in partnership with organizations operating on the field in order to come as close as possible to the issues faced by the actors and their communities.

Our systems are free of consumables and chemical agents for the following reasons:

  • The absence of consumables allows:
    – the communities to become self-sufficient more easily as they don’t have to get a regular supply of consumables nor rely on external suppliers;
    – to reduce the travels of field actors in risky areas.
  • The absence of chemical agents is also significant : in 2003, the WHO reported that the long-term use of chlorine in drinkable water would increase the risk of cancer for the consumers. Furthermore, discharging the chlorinated water in the nature would impact the soil’s quality.

Supporting the local actors throughout the project, including in the fundraising phase

Our team not only provides technical solutions, we also support the local actors (NGOs, local communities, etc.) all along the development of their project including fundraising.

Avant-gardiste, we are sure that the future lies in the hand of the companies which integrate in their process the social impact dimension. Indeed, consumers (as we all are) want to know how and where their money is used.