Outmem® technology

To prevent harmful consequences of contamination

The contamination of water resources by pathogens is a major cause of infectious diseases.

It is a major concern in terms of water quality in the world.

The most viable solution is a point-of-use filtration : the ultrafiltration membrane cartridges retain bacteria and viruses and thus avoid contamination and its consequences.

The size of 0.01 µ of the membrane’s pores, which is twice as small as the smallest microorganism, allows to reach optimal filtration and enhanced protection.


Polymem™ Outmem® is made of hollow fiber membranes of microfiltration, which are inserted in the shower head or in the in-line microfilter. They allow to stop high bacterial loads from going through and therefore to prevent the harmful consequences of a contamination. The membranes of Outmem® are manufactured according to the same patented technology than Polymem™ membranes, which are used in municipal applications dedicated to the treatment of drinkable and industrial water. These membranes are NSF /ANSI61 (USA) and ACS (French Ministry of health) approved.

  • Water without bacteria or virus
  • Flow: 1.5 liter per minute
  • Lifetime : minimum 5,000 liters*
  • Easy installation, instant protection (universal connection)
  • Backwash kit provided

*For a turbidity complying with the standards of « water supply network ».