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Waters and effluents treatment

During the exploratory missions for our drinking water access projects, we observed that industrial pollution was significantly degrading the quality of the water in the environment. Large quantities of wastewater were discharged without being treated or upgraded.

A question arises: we know how to treat the water for human consumption, so why not directly deal with the source of the pollution and support industries in reducing their impact on water?

Specialists in small and medium flows (up to 15 m3 / h), we operate in France and internationally, for construction and food industries.


unYo, notre brique technologiqueOur innovative technologies

To address your needs, we use different membrane-based technologies (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, etc.) coupled with high-performance physicochemical processes (such as crystallisation, electrocoagulation, electrodialysis, ion exchange and others).

This combination provides water qualities that can be reused in the industrial process (REUSE), or discharged into the environment without negative effects. These processes are driven by an evolving program resulting from a proprietary algorithm. They increase by at least 25% the lifetime of the technologies used.

Thanks to the adaptability and efficiency of this solution, we are able to:

  • Clarify and disinfect the water with our technological brick unYo;
  • Treat effluents in a sustainable and responsible way (reduction of compounds such as suspended solids, bacteria, colouring matter, turbidity, odor, dissolved organic matter, dissolved salts, BOD, COD, micropollutants, etc.)



effluent industriel à traiter

Tailored solutions at the cost of a serial one

Thanks to the diversity and the expertise of our profiles, we have developed a treatment approach based on advanced waters and effluents characterisation. We are able to identify and characterize the substances in your process, utility and waste waters in order to offer you a tailor-made, targeted and optimised solution, at the cost of a serial one.


A solution that combines economy and ecology

Internalising the treatment of your process water has many advantages. Beyond the fact that you comply with regulation, you also engage in a true virtuous circle which combines economy and ecology.


Automated process of water treatment

  Economic impacts

  • your water withdrawal and treatment costs are significantly reduced (up to 50%);
  • your maintenance is reduced and simplified, as the staff time dedicated to the technology (up to 90%).

  Ecological impacts

  • water and biodiversity are preserved;
  • your carbon footprint is reduced (depending on the process used, 50% to 95% of the water can be reused);
  • the surrounding populations can benefit from a better water quality and, depending on the area, a real social impact can be measured.


accompagnement sur-mesureSupport in your ecological transition

Because people and the environment are at the heart of everything we do, we are at your disposal to discuss your waters and effluents treatment issues.

InovaYa is not just a simple engineering office or installer of water treatment solutions. It is an available team ready to support you in improving your processes and your ecological transition.





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