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Sterile water for your medical care

The control of water quality is essential to meet water safety requirements.

Even the lowest level of water contamination can be a real health hazard.

The best-known example is Legionella. The Legionella bacterium can reproduce up to a strong concentration in stagnant water. This situation can be found in the hot water networks of large buildings such as clinics and hospitals.

The risk of infection is higher for the elderly and for immunodeficient persons. The most effective solution is the point-of-use filtration. It enables to secure the final water points in particularly the showers. The size of 0.1 µ of the membrane’s pores, which is twice as small as the smallest microorganism, allows to reach optimal filtration and enhanced protection. The Legionella bacteria (0.5-0.7 micron) are thus rejected.

Polymem™ SafeShower® and Polymem™ SafeLine are composed of hollow fiber membranes of microfiltration, which are inserted in the shower head or in the microfilter in line.

They allow to stop high bacterial loads from going through and therefore to prevent the harmful consequences of a contamination. The membranes of the SafeShower® and SafeLine® microfilters are manufactured according to the same patented technology than Polymem™ membranes, which are used in municipal applications dedicated to the treatment of drinkable and industrial water. These membranes are NSF /ANSI61 (USA) and ACS (French Ministry of health) approved.

  • Sterile water for your medical care – Legionella prevention
  • High flow and long life duration (up to 10 liters per minute and minimum 10,000 liters*)
  • Easy installation, instant protection (universal connection)

*For a turbidity complying with the standards of « water supply network »