This filtration system composed of different filters, allows you to filter any fresh water source up to 10 nanometers, thus blocking 99.9999% of viruses and 99.999999% of bacteria. Compact and containerized, UNYO is a ready-to-use system for emergency situations. It is an eco-responsive system labeled Efficient solution by the Solar Impulse Foundation.


This ultrafiltration system secures any kind of non turbid fresh waters.
Filtering water without consumable nor chemical, AYA is the ideal solution for water network safety in emerging countries as in developped ones.

FASTEP® wastewater

This biological treatment station cleans wastewater for communities between 500 to 5,000 people. This solution can be easily assembled and dismantled. Made of modular panels, it can adapt to every situation and is especially designed to resist seismic areas and thermal shocks. It perfectly answers the needs of small communities.