INOVAYA C1000 20

A ready-to-use solution for emergency situations

A ready-to-use solution for emergency situations with INOVAYA C1000 20

This filtration system combines different filters in order to filter any type of fresh water source up to 10 nanometers, thus blocking 99.9999% of viruses and 99.999999% of bacteria.

Our technology also blocks the pesticide residue, suspended particles and turbidity.


Based on ultrafiltration technology, we combined a pre-filter, a glass electro-galvanized filter as well as a carbon filter to improve the effectiveness and duration of use.

Thanks to our backwash technology, the filters are under a ten-year warranty and ensure a sustainable solution to deliver drinkable water.
To meet the need of communities of 500 to 20,000 people, our systems are set on modular panels, easily transportable, and directly connect to the fresh water source (well, river, lake, etc.).

The INOVAYA C1000 203® system consumes on average 1,000 watts-hour at startup and 250 watts-hour on a regular base.