Our project has been shortlisted for a European program in the Danube Delta.

The European platform Social Challenge brings together entrepreneurs to address projects and issues affecting the public authorities of European countries in order to offer innovative solutions.
We have been selected to implement a project dedicated to deliver drinkable water to fishermen’s huts who work on the Danube Delta. And this will be a powerless project !

Created within the European program Horizon 2020, the Social Challenge platform presents 27 challenges until 2020 which are related to various social issues such as gender equality, refugees, the environment, employment, youth, or even education.  A total of 81 solutions will be implemented in over 50 different places.


INOVAYA® has been selected to get the certification label from NOVACITÉ !

Following a successful pitch in front of experts, INOVAYA® has earned its place in the big league and just entered the two-year certification program.

NOVACITÉ is a startup accelerator founded in 1997 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lyon. Each year, a panel of experts selects innovative startups to help them grow. A total of 367 businesses have been supported and it is now our turn. Over a period of two years, we will be provided with experts’ advice and services to ensure our business growth. We will go over a variety of thematics dedicated to ensure the sustainability of our great project, such as how to enhance our communication, develop a crowdfunding campaign or call for investors.


Ticket for Change : the activator of our talent !

Ticket for Change team offers young startups with positive impact the opportunity to be supported over 6 months in order to secure their idea and increase their business potential.
After a presentation in front of a jury, we have been selected to get this support and be part of a young entrepreneurs’ network, which will for sure generate great dynamism.