Quenching the world thirst.
Quenching the world thirst.
Quenching the world thirst.

INOVAYA® is a french start-up based in Lyon, specialized in the development of new technologies for increase drinking water access for communities in the world.

Our main partners are International Organizations, Public Authorities, NGOs, Associations intended to emergency situation and development aid projects.

We develop innovative and sustainable solutions in order to enhance communities’s autonomy and secure work’s partners, as well as minimize environmental and sanitary impacts.

Fight against Cholera

Kalemie is located in South East of DRC, near the Eponyme lake. This city is one of the most important entry point for Cholera epidemic which disseminates each year hundreds of people.
With Mama Uzima NGO we are developping a project to supply in sustainable way different neighbourhouds with drinking water. 

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Improvement of living & health conditions of indigenous people

In the North East of Laos, people of decade of isolated villages suffer of a cruel lack of drinking water access.

In partnership with Peuples et montagnes du Mekong NGO, we want to supply those villages and health care center in driking water to increase living conditions of the population and secure their care.

Liters of drinkable water delivered
People have access to drinkable water


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